Reminder ... we're at The Rogue Bar tonight! We go on at about 10 p.m.
– 55 days ago.

Reminder - we're at @The Rogue Bar tonight. We go on at about 10 p.m.!
– 55 days ago.

Kings of Last Call and three other fine bands are at The Rogue Bar this Thursday night, August 16th!
– 57 days ago.

Show coming up in August, featuring new drummer Nick P! More details forthcoming ...
– 127 days ago.

I posted 43 photos on Facebook in the album "Tyler's Last Stand (Photos by Nate Brengle)"
– 534 days ago.
– 576 days ago.

Fun show last night, many thanks to those who attended. Next up we're at ... Barnes and Noble?! Yup. Details posted soon.
– 584 days ago.


Rick grew up in Phoenix, traveled and moved a couple times across the America, and yet somehow always returns to the Valley of the Sun. He started playing guitar at age fifteen and spent far too much of his youth learning Metallica songs. Over the years, Rick's played with local bands The Boon Tree, and South Mountain Lights, as well as putting in some time with NYC bands Superjuice and Copper Man. He returned to Phoenix in 2004 and for some sadistic reason has yet to fully abandon his futile dream of rock and roll stardom.

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